London & South East Prestige Awards

Dog Walking Service Of The Year - Hertfordshire

Winners Award 2020/21 and 2022

We are delighted and beaming with pride to have won the Dog Walker Of The Year award with Prestige Awards for two years running!

'The Corporate Livewire London & South East Prestige Awards recognise small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market.

The team is committed to identifying market leaders, innovators and enterprising start-ups through in-depth research, word of mouth and first-hand experience.

The judging team look at each case individually, and assess how the business itself has harnessed more effective processes, products or ideas in order to provide an exceptional product or service.

The judging panel base their decisions upon areas such as service excellence, quality of the product/service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance.

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A unique dog walker, service and experience, offering a minimum of 3 hours stimulating and beneficial doggy day care (Adventures) and very soon, dog sleepovers! (Home from home dog boarding - A 5* mini holiday for your dog)

This is not your standard dog walking or dog care service... Just check out our Google recommendations and Facebook page to find out! 

Spot On Dog Walks & Adventures provides so much more than the basics, delivers beneficial results, go way beyond the ‘over and above’, fully understand what’s most important for you and your dog(s) and creates strong, healthy and honest relationships with you both. 

Your dog will be picked up in our, secure, clean and safe van.

Here are some of the areas we collect from: Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden, Redbourn, Kensworth, Nash Mills, Apsley, Kings Langley, Chipperfield, Potten End, Great Gaddesden and Frithsden. (Locations nearby are also considered)

Dog Walker, Dog Walking, Hemel Hempstead
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Hemel Hempstead Dog Walking. The Chilter
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Dog Walking, Dog Walker, Hemel Hempstead
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Hemel Hempstead Dog Walker. Dog Adventur
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Designed to ensure that your dog is physically and mentally exercised and to highlight the importance of what appropriate interaction, positive stimulation, healthy enrichment and a decent amount of exercise can do for a dog’s health, well-being and behaviour.

The Adventure, is more than just your average dog walk.

An interesting, beneficial alternative to your normal 1-hour dog walk or doggy day care, The Adventure is certainly something to consider if you have long days out of the house and/or your dog has high energy levels and requires more than just a short whizz around.

However, this is no, let your dog off the lead to run around uncontrollably with a group of other dogs, kind of walk, The Adventure is focused on mental stimulus, concentration, play and encouraging good behaviours.

Our Adventure Dog Walks are ideal for dogs that:

  • Have lots of energy

  • Enjoy games and stimulating activities

  • Who need and like more personal attention and focus

  • Who show signs of over-excitement

  • Who require more than just a 1-hour stroll

  • Who show signs of boredom (chewing, digging and destructive behavior)

  • Who need quality enrichment

  • And those that LOVE to explore

A remarkable 2-hour walk/hike/run and lucky enough to be within the care of an experienced dog walker for approx. 3-hours of the day.

The Adventure service is certainly appealing to those who want nothing but the very best for their dog(s).

What's included?

  • 2-hours of adventurous fun.

  • Consists of fetch games, retrieve and drop exercises, name recall and praise, sit, stay and wait training, smell and scent treat fun (treats are on me!), climbing, swimming (at certain locations), running and hiking.

  • Discouraging bad habits, reinforcing good behavior and significantly exercising your dog, physically and mentally.

  • In our care for a minimum of 3 hours of the day – no need to feel guilty when you leave the house and giving your dog the comfort of resting properly in their own home (A better alternative to Doggy Day Care - where dogs will easily pick up bad habits and behaviors and not get the chance to rest appropriately within the day).

  • Noticeable differences in your dogs behavior after regularly adventuring with us.

  • In the hands of an experienced, professional and genuinely caring dog walker.

  • Suitable interaction with other dogs – Safely controlled by an experienced professional. Your dog will be focused and less desired to misbehave/play boisterously or aggressively with others. 

  • Fully entertained, enriched and stimulated - no time for your dog to get bored, wander off or seek enjoyment elsewhere. 

  • Suited perfectly for energetic dogs that require a decent amount of exercise.

  • Exceptional service – Our customers are our priority and we promise to ensure that you receive the most outstanding customer care possible.

  • Only using biodegradable, eco-friendly dog waste bags (another small way to help look after our environment).

  • Dog CPR, First Aid & Safety trained – Knowledge to know what to do with your dog in an emergency.

  • Taken to varied locations in the beautiful countryside rather than a local field nearby.

  • Quality photos sent directly to you so you can see what your dog(s) have been up to (Where possible).

  • Washed/dried/spritzed where necessary.

  • Full of fun, enthusiastic and positive energy - certainly required for Adventures! 

  • Much better and more appropriate for your dogs health and behavior than an all day Doggy Day Care facility. 

  • Weekend Adventures (subject to availability). 

  • A genuinely happy, healthy and well exercised dog. 

* 1-Hour Adventure walks are also available for dogs that are younger/smaller - please see price section for more.

Spaces get booked fast, to secure your dogs Adventure day, make an appointment as soon as possible..

Dog Walker, Dog Walking, Hemel Hempstead
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Dog Walker, Dog Walking, Hemel Hempstead
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Dog Walker, Dog Walking, Hemel Hempstead
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Dog Walker, Dog Walking, Hemel Hempstead
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Only available for registered and regular dogs to ensure we have a great relationship with your dog, your dog is comfortable and happy in our care and your dog fits in with our adventurous routine each day.



This section is a difficult one, because ultimately, it depends on what you would like to know...

First of all, my name is Amy and Spot On Dog Walks & Adventures started because I wanted to provide a service that I would whole heartedly use, feel comfortable with and fully trust, for my own dog, Pie.

After realizing quickly that there was no service I truly trusted, or saw as beneficial for Pie (I didn't want him to gain bad habits in the hands of someone that didn't care of his well-being and development), I knew that many other dog owners could be feeling the same way... *bing* - light bulb moment!

As an experienced and passionate dog walker already, I knew it was the time to provide the exact service I wanted for Pie, to every other dog owner out there.

We offer a completely unique service AND experience and we promise that the quality level of service is dedicated to your dog, and you as a dog owner.

We are here to make your everyday life easier, whilst ensuring that you needn't worry or stress about the well-being of your dog when in the hands of someone else. (You’ll realize this when you use any of our services).

Pie is our business mascot and is treated like a king (we're not afraid to admit that!) If you've made the decision to have your dog(s) join the Spot On family, he/she will also be treated undoubtedly like a King or Queen. (That's another promise!)

Thanks for visiting, 



Undoubtedly the best care and experience you could choose for your dog. I have seen first hand the passion and expertise that Amy puts into looking after the dogs.
You can expect a friendly, genuine and honest service, someone who cares as much as you do about your pet and the main priority always being the happiness and safety of each individual dog.



If you own a rescue dog, a dog that is shy, nervous, anxious or fearful, please do not feel as though these services aren’t for you.

I have a huge soft spot, passion and sincere love for ALL dogs and genuinely adore helping and assisting those that perhaps aren't as confident as others.

It’s so important to me that every dog gets the best out of life.

I grew very fond of dogs that suffered and rescue dogs when I was traveling Asia in 2015. There are many stories to be told on that subject, but you'll be reading for days, so we'll save that for another time... Since then, I've enjoyed and successfully transformed the rescue dogs that I've worked with.

Incredible patience, genuine affection and care, a huge heart and the ability to understand are just a few of the most effective, life changing things a dog could receive.



Spot On Dog Walks & Adventures has been featured in The Hemel Hempstead Gazette/Hemel Today on many occasions and has been on BBC Three Counties Radio discussing all things dogs, but in particular, separation anxiety.
You can find more details of each feature on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

BBC Three Counties Radio



£28 per dog


£16 per dog


Coming Soon!
Prices start from £45 per day and night

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